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We cordially invite you to co-operate with the Vocational Education Centre in Kielce (Zakład Doskonalenia Zawodowego - ZDZ). We are a stable company and a reliable partner for other companies and institutions. In Poland we are distinguished by the variety, range and sphere of our activity, the qualifications of our personnel, and our capacity for innovative.

In the market of educational services we have been continuously active for 60 years. At present we offer vocational training to a third generation of Poles. Our experience, many years of tradition, and the renown which ZDZ enjoys, as well as our most comprehensive offer of schools and courses, give us the position of the leader among training centres.

We have entered the 21st century prepared for challenges of the modern, competition-oriented world. In the Świętokrzyskie Region we have the best developed network of training centres, equipped with modern facilities and specialist didactic resources. The assets of our firm are highly qualified and experienced employees, who are prepared and able to accomplish difficult tasks. Particular attention is given to the upgrading of the qualifications and skills of our personnel through self-study, in-service training, and participation in training and trade conferences.

We productively co-operate with over 1,500 teachers, lecturers and vocational instructors. We update our offer of courses in compliance with the needs of the labor market. We successfully utilize EU funds, thanks to which we organise courses for all social and vocational groups, and we also organise practicums abroad for the students of our schools. Thanks to this our graduates enter the labor market with excellent occupational skills which are sought by employers both in Poland and abroad.

Jerzy Wątroba

President of the Board
The Vocational Education Centre in Kielce

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